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Chainalysis and HAPI Collaboration

What makes a successful cybersecurity solution? Trust. Trust is situated at the top of the hypothetical success pyramid of a cybersecurity solution. Trust however is not something that can be built overnight. Trust is earned, nurtured, and cherished. For HAPI being a trustworthy AML cybersecurity solution both within the Blockchain ecosystem as well as outside is crucial.

This is the reason we are excited to collaborate with Chainalysis on multiple fronts since HAPI has become so much more than a mere DeFi protocol. We will go over the important points of collaboration and talk briefly about what makes Chainalysis so instrumental of a partner for HAPI.

What is Chainalysis?

Many don’t give a second thought about security or Money Laundering despite the fact that these things tend to happen indiscriminately and universally. Many also don’t realize that AML (anti money laundering) regulations are REQUIRED to conduct any legal business internationally.

Centralized Exchanges have in place what is known as AML measures and solutions. Chainalysis is one of the most influential and commonplace AML and crypto intelligence providers in the space, covering more than 70% of exchanges with its software and investigators.

Chainalysis works closely with both UN and US Security Governments. Not only that but many officials use specifically the Chainalysis Reactor (cutting-edge tracing software) to detect and track unlawful actors. They also were the ones to identify, uncover, and bring to light many notable cases in crypto space including tiea of North Korean government to widespread crypto asset thefts and hacks.

Chainalysis today represents the very pillar on which the whole digital assets AML rests with more than 300 employees working.

HAPI and Chainalysis — Four Main Takeaways

We shall now delineate four main points of collaborative efforts that HAPI and Chainalysis are involved in.

  • Investigative Partners

Being an investigative partner means that the HAPI Labs team will directly tackle some of the cases coming from Chainalysis. This also means a mutual aid in increasing databases, conduct of private investigations, and cooperative work on unearthing information on large scale incidents.

This will not only help us to deepen and extend our expertise beyond DeFi networking but also will be of tremendous help as an additional source of revenue!

  • Access to Bleeding-edge Software and Tools

Chainalysis has in its possession the most advanced toolset for everything including tracing, automated detection of malicious activity, and highly intelligent system of threat identification. All of these features are collectively called “Reactor”. With the help of Reactor, HAPI Labs team will be able to add illicit or potentially threatening addresses directly to the HAPI on-chain database, trace the movement of assets on multiple networks and monitor each movement of marked addresses. Together with our own proprietary tools, Chainalysis’ Reactor is an impressive addition to say the least!

  • Learn From the Best! Certificates and Courses

Thanks to Chainalysis’ extensive and enduring background in and outside of the cryptocurrency AML sphere, there is trove of opportunities for our Team to gain knowledge and stretch farther in the cybersecurity space!

Our investigative department has already begun the process of certification with some already successfully completing it!

  • Sharing the Oracle Knowledge!

Apart from the off-chain boons, HAPI and Chainalysis also collaborate on the on-chain grounds! For example HAPI right now uses Chainalysis specifically designated “sanctions oracle” to further enlarge the list of address connected to Sanctions Avoidance in accordance to the internationally imposed restrictions and add them to the database!

This kind of collaboration will only deepen in the coming days as we are the only solution that can help Chainalysis to get on-chain! With HAPI’s on-chain focused approach and Chainalysis extensive and vast experience — the transformation of the crypto cybersecurity space is abound!



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