18/30: What If the Sun Sets Early?

Collaborative poem by Francesca Cicale, Caroline DeLuca, and Kate Mandracchia; edited by Caroline DeLuca

Did my heart love until now, 
on the highest shelf in the bodega 
next to the cat food?

Where did your mind go? 
To JFK’s underwear (which I hear 
were polka-dotted boxers)?

What happens if the sun sets 
early? For example, when were we happiest?
Ninth grade?

Could it have been 
a mistake? Well, you know 
it’s worth it. To buy

an abundance of fruit,
you must go to the rivers
that run red with sriracha.

And is this what you wanted?
Maya Rudolph
as Maya Angelou?

When is the next train
to the basketball court?
What do they know?!

I’m still searching 
and I don’t plan
to stop. Can we

try again 
another time? I guess
you know best

but don’t take any
wooden nickels. Speaking
of, what is love? (BB don’t

hurt me.)We’ve got
to get better, faster,
stronger, stranger.