We Didn’t Mean to Do That

By Caroline DeLuca and Natalie De Paz

Who told blue it had to be sad?

The weight just got too heavy.

Why are your nails jagged?

Bernadette Peters, in her dressing room.

How did we learn to regret?

You forgot the salt.

Where did the clinking make a wrong turn?

1969, at Altamont, right when it all went south.

What is the brutalest lie?

A good cup of joe.

Who slays the telephone poles?

We didn’t mean to do that.

When will we go down to the lake?

The ocean, at least. The way it keeps trying.

How will they survive?

Spangles, sequins, rhinestones and tassels.

Where do the daisies curtsy?

That, I really couldn’t tell you, but I know revolution doesn’t die.

Who whistles the dog into obedient boys?

A city made of bridges to your favorite songs.