5 Reasons Why Being Stuck With An Older Console Isn’t So Bad

Didn’t get that shiny new console under the tree and still stuck with your old 360 or PS3? You might be better off until next holiday season. Here are the five reasons why:

While it is true Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the rest of the titles on this list are coming to both PlayStation and Xbox systems the differneces lie only in the graphics. If this year’s MGSV: GZ was any indication, the difference in visuals between the new and old generations won’t take away from the incredibly well done stealth combat. The game should be coming out in the first half of 2015 and should hold off any gamer that loves a good story, incredible action, and what looks to be shaping up to be a great online experience.

The Back Catalog

Chances are there are some games you missed out on that are still worth checking out. Better yet, if you are a Gold Xbox Live subscriber or a PlayStation Plus member you get two free games a month, with plenty more variety to choose from than what you would get on the current generation.

Sure you can get Mortal Kombat X on the new gen consoles but if you are a fighter fan, chances are you already have your favorite arcade sticks ready to go for your current system, not to mention there will be plenty more compeition on the old generation of consoles! Get ready for Kombat when it comes out in April.

The money

Sure you might have been gifted an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but then what? Games, and accessories are more expensive so you get less bang for your buck. On the other hand check out your local videogame store and chances are they are having huge sales to clear room for the new generation systems so take advantage of that! Don’t bother with yearly titles or older online centric titles though, they typically aren’t supported anymore or just aren’t very popular overall. Also several major titles like Call of Duty and Destiny give you the ability to transfer over stats or upgrade to the new generation version of the game for $20 or sometimes even free!

While you could also get this stand alone expansion of the wild sandbox title Sains Row IV for the new generation, if you already have the game on your Xbox 360 or PS3 you got a head start and probably a lot more options opened up to you out of the box! Look for it in January.

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas and don’t worry if you didn’t get that shiny new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, there’s always next Christmas. Until then just remember that old trust PS3 or 360 still has plenty of life left in it and most of the experiences at least the first half of 2015 you can find everywhere.

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