The Choices We Make

PJ Lewis

Every day we have choices to make.

Make that every morning, starting with the choice to wake up or not.

Once we choose, movement takes over,

we can crawl into the deep backwards, and there is no judgement in that,

we can drink out morning coffee and read the newspaper, and there is no judgement in that,

there is no judgement because we get to choose our choices; we have many choices ahead of us and lying right in front of us,

but what we decide is entirely up to us.

Choose or not choose, at all. There is no judgement here.

Choices are a foundation for the world to spin, our worlds to spin, too.

Our choices construe our days and our realities, even minutes of the day,

milk chocolate versus milk chocolate with nuts and berries,

pay the bills halfway, expecting a surcharge, or pay them fully and relinquish our fulsome debt stricken ways,

take the leap on love or shut out hearts because of past hurts,

mortgage or apartment living, tattoo or bare skin,

bare skin or shunning our outer beauty because we are ashamed of our bodies, or what we carry inside.

Chocolate or mortgages, choices define what we do and who we are.

In fact, not to make a choice is by itself a choice,

we choose to be still among movement, and there is no judgement in that,

Image courtesy of Pamela Alderman

because choice is always waiting on the sidelines for our chance to dance,

or not dance at all, perhaps move our foot sideways, if it all.

We choose to be still, and stillness is okay. There is way too much pressure to get ahead in our society, anyways.

Our ability to make choices construes humanity,

no judgement at all because who really knows

whether it was a good or bad choice or somewhere in between;

the direction which you took.

What is for certain is that our choices determine the course of our daily living and our future. Divinity or not, we are always co-creating our universe.

Choice is a six letter word that shapes our reality, has profound meaning and determines the course of our days, months and years.

Even the choices we make at the end of it all are important.

Do we end it with forgiveness and love, as we should?

Choices construe our reality,

whether we decide to make them or not is our responsibility,

choice waits for us in the deep and in the light,

waiting to be heard.

Image courtesy of Debi Story Maddox

Anna Rozwadowska 2018

Thank you to #DareToBe chat with Andrea Claudia of Worthy at Medium for the stimulating discussion on choice yesterday!