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A Year of Successful Challenges

2021 Yearly Recap

From successful IDOs, through major UX improvements to valuable partnerships and 6 protocol integrations — we celebrate this years achievements as we step into an even brighter 2022!

— here are the main milestones, chronologically:

Polygon Deployment 🔛 & Community

In the first months of 2021, after successful deployment on the Polygon, the IBY team has focused on growing, sharing and working with the community. This was a time for exciting Ask Me Anything sessions with Polygon, AMALoversClub, Venus Queen, BigCoin Vietnam AMA, and CryptoScreen in order to open-up a world of possibilities to the IBY community.

Launching The IDO Whitelist With Poolz 🚀

On May 31 we have conducted a 2-week long whitelist for our community members to be eligible for the lottery ticket selection process.

Poolz has a more community-centric approach to offering IDO token allocations. Every POOLZ token you stake in your wallet adds more weight to your chances of winning an IDO allocation. The @Poolz team has selected iBetYou to conduct the $IBY IDO on its platform, considering our great versatility and growth potential.

June brought us a brand-new Redesigned UX For Our Users — Check! 🎨

We have a high standard when it comes to user experience. That’s why in June we have introduced major changes to the iBetYou platform.

To see it for yourself and to guide you through the revamped interface, we are including a small walkthrough blog — best to see for yourself :). Keep in mind that we’re polishing it year-round, and you can always leave us your feedback here!

Moonbeam Partnership: Towards A Multiple Chains Interoperability

We see a great potential to reach new users in Polkadot’s interoperable network in a cost-effective way. This is why we chose Moonbeam as our expansion point because of its unmatched compatibility.

This integration allows Moonbeam and Moonriver token holders to use their Glimmer (GLMR) and Moonriver (MOVR) tokens in a fun and meaningful way. For instance, Moonbeam and Moonriver tokens can be used to create personalized bets, challenge friends or anyone on anything!

Here’s a word from our own Edi Sinovčić, IBY CEO

“We strongly believe that Moonbeam and the whole Polkadot ecosystem will play a significant role in developing our industry in the next few years. We are committed to exploring the future together and to start building unique customer-facing solutions like IBetYou. Moonbeam is a great fit for IBY as it allows us to integrate different DeFi protocols as they continue to emerge in this ecosystem and to leverage Polkadot-based cross-chain integrations to provide advanced and native multi-chain capabilities.”

IBY Was Among The First Projects To Launch 🔛 SushiSwap MISO 🍣 🚀

Being huge fans of SushiSwap, we were absolutely thrilled for their launch coinciding with iBetYou’s. The $IBY token sale at MISO Launchpad was the first step towards launching the iBetYou project on the SushiSwap exchange!

MISO (Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering) is a suite of open-source smart contracts created to ease the process of launching a new project on the SushiSwap exchange. It makes for a place for token creators and communities alike to launch new project tokens.

6 Months after the Sushi IDO, we are working closely with the SushiSwap team and their community. Additionally, we are working on integrating yield farming opportunities for locked amounts in the bets across chains they support — starting from Polygon and moving to others.

We’ve Teamed Up With NEAR Protocol 🔥

In June we have received a NEAR Protocol grant that has opened many doors for us, making the IBY platform lightning-fast, fun and secure.

iBetYou is using NEAR Protocol for fast transition processing thanks to its 1-second bock cadence. Its range of modular components will help our developers implement NFTs, token contracts, faucets, and more.

IBY Is Deployed 🔛 Binance Smart Chain 🚀

As a continuation of our multi-chain strategy, we decided to deploy iBetYou on Binance Smart Chain in mid 2021. Basically, all IBY platform users have an option to select Binance SC from the chain picker.

BSC’s dual-chain architecture enables us to build the project on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other chain. Additionally, the partnership will boost liquidity across the two platforms, whilst rewarding their user communities with incentives.

Partnering Up With CryptoTask 🔥

Since iBetYou allows you to bet any amount of tokens with anyone on anything, CryptoTask will use it for internal employee challenges and with their community. The challenges will revolve around meeting the milestones in a set period of time and games around that.

CryptoTask has already built an innovative dispute resolution system that was featured in Forbes, VentureBeat and CoinTelegraph. We will be also join forces in developing and advancing both DAO and dispute review systems that will play a key role in both projects!

Chainlink Partnership 🔥

Global economies are running on non-blockchain systems. To enable smart contract communication and interaction between the traditional systems and blockchain ones, oracles come into play.

However, we’ll be using Chainlink’s technology for other perks: We decided to introduce a few new challenge modes in IBY using ChainLink price oracles to replace judges in some special cases. All IBY token holders will be able to participate in judging by locking their tokens for a specific period of time — to signal their intent to get involved. We will use Chainlink’s VRF to randomly select judges from the judges’ pool, which plays a key role in deciding who is the winner of a particular prediction.

Moonriver Integration 🔛 🚀

Earlier in 2021, IBY has received a grant from Moonbeam to help fund the expansion of the project to the Moonbeam network.

IBY has integrated with the DeFi ecosystem on Moonbeam and Moonriver to start creating our own yield farming opportunities via locked bets.

For this special occasion, of course, we didn’t forget about our community. Therefore, we’ve organized a 5,000USD giveaway!

Avalanche Integration 🔛

Avalanche is the platform we’ve always wanted to implement in our multi-chain strategy. Why? Because it’s the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.

Pick Alavanche on the IBY platform and get ready to challenge your peers!

Special NFT Giveaway For 80 Of IBY’s Earliest Supporters

We have not forgotten about 80 of you guys, who supported us from the initial idea. That’s why we’ve decided to airdrop you a special NFT from a very talented artist Martina Stipan.

Deployed 🔛 QuickSwap

Mid-November IBY has been deployed on QuickSwap Polygon DEX, enabling IBY holders to bridge to Polygon, and trade on DEX. Moreover, all future vesting distributions will happen on Polygon, too. In case you’re interested (you should be!), we’ve prepared 2 tutorials:

a) How to bridge the $IBY tokens to Polygon
b) How to trade $IBY on QuickSwap

By the end of November, IBY is officially integrated with 5 blockchains! Read on here! 🔥

💥 IBY is moving to rollups! 💥

5th Integration: Arbitrum 🔛

Integration with the Arbitrum Network’s cross-chain bridge has been proven to bring better and more secure user XP, along with reduced transaction costs and increased confirmation speeds. So we don’t bore you here, for all the bells and whistles regarding this integration, head to our blog — there are some interesting perks!

6th Integration: StarkNet 🔛

Last, but certainly not least, we have added the sixth chain into the IBY platform — StarkNet! Think of this integration as a light version of IBY — and among the first dApps EVER on Starknet !

Why “light”? Because for now, it is only for demonstration purposes, in the alpha stage. IBY on Starknet includes only some of the features that the main application does. The main limitation is that only a single challenge can exist as of now, which every user will be interacting with. This means that when a user creates a challenge, it will overwrite the previous challenge.

Try it out and let us know what you think in our Telegram channel!

Finally, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has played a part in helping us achieve our goals this year. We’re working on some brand new updates — coming early 2022.

Have a great NYE, stay tuned and we’ll see you — next year! 🎄

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