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AMA with IBY Product Owner — Diego Scaiano

The relationship between blockchain betting, sports betting and iBetYou

Happy last week of September, dear iBetYou family! 🍂 As we move slowly into mid-Autumn, we thought you might have some additional questions regarding the iBetYou platform, blockchain betting, the future of iBetYou, — or just would like to hear the personal opinions of our product owner, Diego Scaiano 😎

Below you’ll find Diego’s perspective on blockchain, blockchain betting, sports betting, and of course — iBetYou at the center, connecting them all. 👇

Let’s start with an easy question, are you a sports enthusiast?

“I’m not a huge sports enthusiast, but I like watching the World Cup. Aside from the fact that I admire Argentina, I think the most intriguing aspect of the tournament is its overall structure and the fact that the greatest in the world of the most popular sport will be competing there.”

What is the relationship between iBetYou and sports?

“iBetYou and sports are closely related — because iBetYou gives you the possibility to create bets with your friends on any topic you want. There are no limits here. You can bet on anything that has a concrete and verifiable result by our judges. Moreover, if you find an interesting bet already created by another user, you can join with just two clicks.

By the way, I think the upcoming World Cup is an excellent opportunity to see interesting bets.”

And -

If you’re unsure how to create a bet on iBetYou, check Public Bets Tutorial and have a great World Cup season!”

Does iBetYou have a model such as play-to-earn?

“Currently, iBetYou is unique because it gives users the independence to create bets on the topics they want. Unlike traditional forms of betting where bets are closed and pre-established, iBetYou offers a new way in which users can challenge each other on any topic and win a prize.”

What is the impact of blockchain on betting?

“I think the most important aspects are transparency and decentralization. Here, the user has the total freedom to check a smart contract to understand how it works and what the rules are — and by being public to anyone, iBetYou offers more legitimacy in relative terms with respect to traditional betting systems.”

You can find more information on How Blockchain is Reshaping the Betting Industry.

You want to start with blockchain 101? — Done. You can start with “What are Smart Contracts?”.

How does iBetYou influence blockchain betting?

“iBetYou was a pioneer in taking advantage of blockchain to give power and transparency to users while betting. Much remains to be seen, but we are definitely at a very early stage to see the true potential of this technology — still, I believe without a doubt that betting will no longer be the same as it was before.”

What does the future hold for iBetYou?

“The future is web3, definitely. It’s still unclear how it will be — today, the web3 world is a wild world, almost without rules, where everyone is trying to create the next Google. There is a long way to go for all projects, but I believe that the same rule that operates in web2 operates here too, and that is to deliver value and utility to the user.

Today, the vast majority of projects have no practical utility for the masses, and the average Joe requires some initial knowledge to be able to use any web3 product. The day that the friction and the bad experience that web3 has today is solved — that day will be historical, and no one will be able to stop it.”

Thank you, Diego, for this insightful interview, and thank you, iBetYou family, for being with us and helping us to move forward in our journey. 💪 Now, it’s time to contribute to the future of blockchain betting, place bets, and hope for the best! 👉 ibetyou.xyz

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