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Challenging the Odds

The weirdest things people legally bet on

Are you sick and tired of your usual betting routine? Have you been losing your sports bets or it’s just not the season for your favorite sports yet? Then it might be the time to try something new.

People are bizarre, and they also bet on bizarre things. Below you will find weird things people have been betting on, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next obsession. 👇

The Royal Family


You can legally bet on basically anything about the royal family such as: When will the next royal wedding be? What is the next prince’s name? Some have even been betting on the exact date the king/queen will be succeeded.

You can just look around, and find a quirky topic you like. Then, go for it! Betting on one of the most influential families in the world makes betting feel a little bit more exciting.

Bog Snorkelling


Yes, it is what you think it is. Contestants are simply racing through a bog when they are snorkelling. Yet, it can be tricky. Bogs are murky and may challenge the swimmers with some obstacles. Still, it seems that the British people love it!


Wife-carrying?! That’s right, it is an actual sport originating in Northern Europe.


It is actually fairly easy. A person has to carry their partner through a challenging obstacle course. Actually, in Ireland, this is a professional sport people can legally bet on. Other countries like Estonia, Australia, and Finland are also big on wife-carrying — and Finland happens to be the home of the Wife Carrying World Championship.

The Next Pope


Religion and betting generally don’t go well together, right? Well, it is perfectly legal to bet on the next Pope 🤷‍♀️ Most American sportsbooks are taking bets right now on who will become the next Pope, as the current Pope hinted his retirement, and Cardinal Marc Ouellet is the current favorite.

Kim Jong Un

You want to place a bet on when Kim Jong Un will stop leading the country? You can. You want to bet on whether his sister will take over? You also can.


Some sportsbet sites take bets on anything that has to do with Kim Jong Un. However, this kind of bet is sketchy and volatile since the North Korean government doesn’t give true information to the public about Kim Jong Un’s life in general.

Is he still in power — who knows?

Proof of Intelligent Life in Space

One of the most intriguing things to bet on is whether there is proof of intelligent life somewhere besides Earth. Is it even provable with the highly classified and protected “little”(🤨) information available?


Some online sportsbooks take bets when a sitting president of the US will tell the public that we have proof of intelligent life in space. The Pentagon currently has a UFO task force, but no top government official has stated the existence of intelligent life on another planet, or on ours…

Can you imagine the return on getting that bet right, especially during your lifetime? 👀

Cheese Rolling

Again, a weird bet from the UK. In Gloucester (a southern region in England), they host the Cheese Rolling Competition every spring.


Contestants roll oversized wheels of cheese on a hill. The first cheese roller to cross the finish line with their cheese wins. Bets are legal on this simple sport, of course. The prize is usually the winning cheese, but really, who wants a huge wheel of cheese? The winning bettor seems like the real prize winner…

The End of The World

Okay, this is by far the most bizarre one. To begin with, how would you even know if you win the bet?


Betting sites are aware that people will bet on literally anything, including when the end of the world will be. We wonder if you can bet on when the world will quit betting on silly things. Talk about a volatile bet!


Yes, you can bet on McDonald’s when you’re having a BigMac.


You can bet on items that you think will be added to the menu like McRibs, McDLT, McPizza, basically anything you can think of.

Just — the things people do…

These bets are just the tip of the iceberg — and these are only some of the legal ones. We can’t imagine what illegal things people still actively bet on!

Well, what is the weirdest thing you think you can bet on? Create your public bet and share it with your friends, or on IBY channels! 👉 ibetyou.xyz

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