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Best crypto memes edition

Why do we laugh at memes? Usually, because they are so painfully true that it makes them hilarious.

Lately the crypto market has been wavy, just like our fragile feelings. 😌 So, it is time to make a crypto memes timeline to put a smile on the faithful hodling ones, stay strong guys! 💪

%32 profit in 2017

Piques.eth made $8 profit and posted this tweet in 2017. Doesn’t it resonate with all of us when we first started trading?


“Buy Bitcoin”

Best photobomb of history? Maybe. In 2017, a guy photobombed U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen with a “buy bitcoin” sign and the photo exploded in the crypto world.


Working hard or hardly working?

A crypto memes edition couldn’t go without this epic one. This is us before quitting our office jobs — hopefully… 🤞


Wen Lambo?

Wouldn’t it feel great to have 7 years in 1 hour while waiting for an altcoin to pump? 🚀


Also, check our 4 real life bet stories too — they are pretty interesting 😎

DYOR — always 💻

Add << not financial advice >> at the end and you’re good to go. 💯


The wolf of the OpenSea ⛵️

It is indeed strange times we live in. People actually get filthy rich from their basement flipping NFTs 🔥


Wasu wasu wasup Bitconneeect

Hey heey heeeeyy… This iconic speech of Carlos Matos in a bitcoin conference has turned into an epic meme in the crypto meme community. The thrill though — a definite vibe!


“Dip is actually bullish”

Don’t be sad… Maybe it’s time to buy the dip. It’ll get better with time.


Ser when millionaire? 🤑

Nocoiners over there thinking crypto investing is easy and not stressful…


That’ll be $9000

Seriously though — what’s with the ETH gas? 🙊


Line go up? 📈

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do buddy. We feel for you.


JPEG bros going wild

Why would you spend hundreds of $ on a JPEG? — Because I can.


We all fall down — sometimes

Hodl guys, next bull market will be fire 🔥


What’s your best crypto meme?

Hundreds of new memes are created on social media every day & we all love a little laughter now and then.

So, who creates the funniest meme? — Create your own crypto meme and challenge your friends on ibetyou.xyz 🤙

The winner gets the satisfaction of being right with an NFT & a meme of their own.The loser, well, must learn to smile through the tears 🤷

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