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How a Bet Changed One Manga Readers’ Life Forever — the story of Vuk

How a bet changed one manga readers’ life forever — This is the story of Vuk, the judoka
The story of Vuk — the Judoka

Let’s face it, there’s always that excitement when starting off a new hobby, that joy of finally going after something you’ve always wanted to do, or have decided to jump into. We all love that new unexplored territory. But new adventures can sometimes bring with them that whiff of January resolutions. We’re lucky if we stick with those resolutions past the first week of the new year, never mind the entire month. So someone going in for judo and saying he fully intends to stick with it for at least 90 days will get our little betting fingers twitching.

A worthy challenger

Now, let’s settle this straight up, we like Vuk. Vuk’s a standup guy, and he’ll always get us going with his . . . well, his attitude really. Hard to describe what it is exactly, but he’s aight as some of our mates put it. Which for the non-Brits means he’s pretty damn effin’ cool. But still, a bet is a bet, and the goal of a bet is to win (we also want to empower him by challenging himself, but we don’t want to tell him that, at least not yet, so we set it up as a bet). And as everyone who loves a good challenge or bet knows, when betting on an outcome, it can’t hurt to do some proper research.

The mightiest judoka

So we asked our resident Wolfman a few questions, to gauge how things stand and what the outcome might be. We’re sharing them with you because we want you in on this as well. That’s right, once you’re armed with some key facts, just head this way https://ibetyou.xyz to place your bets: will our man Vuk succeed in winning a belt (other than plain old white) or . . . ? Perhaps, though, you’d like to create your own bet(s) here. We’re not suggesting broken bones, but say, how many more times he’ll get thrown before he manages to get someone down. You know the drill, get your judges at the ready, and once they’ve accepted, you’re all in. We bet it won’t take you longer than reading Vuk’s answers (but feel free to challenge us on that 😉 ).

Never give up

Questions to the fiercest fighter we’ve ever known

Q: Why did you start Judo?

I was reading Kengan Ashura and its sequel Kengan Omega. At that exact same time I found out our local Judo club was accepting new members, and this episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia018ZTrj10 (battle of Judokas) rolled out. I was hooked and said yes to judo.

Q: What are you hoping to get out of it?

I want to become the strongest. Becoming good at judo is a stepping stone I must overcome to make it happen. Judo will improve my coordination and show me the way to direct aggressiveness in combat. All of these things will complement my strength.

Q: What does Judo mean to you?

I am a dreamer at heart. I look all serious, have tattoos all over my hands and a deep voice, but I’m very childlike. Judo allows me to socialize, have fun, feed my imagination and become stronger.

Q: What’s your Chinese sign?

My GF called me a pig so we’ll go with that.

Q: Any words of wisdom?

Be yourself. Do you and stick with it.

This is fun

So there you have it, boys and girls. We are, of course, going to be observing Vuk very closely throughout these three months. To monitor his progress. Will he gather enough strength to enter Purgatory as he learns, or will he make a violent turn and join the underground Kengan matches? Or, will we find out that he was the Tiger’s Vessel all along and Vuk is just his nickname. . . . Rest assured that we will keep you informed as he forges his path to winning that black belt. Or losing some dignity and crypto.

The bet details Vuk will have to train judo for 3 months. Documented on a blockchain.
The bet is on!

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