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iBetYou Is Deployed On Arbitrum

We’re super-excited to announce that iBetYou is now officially deployed on Arbitrum!

iBetYou x Arbitrum

We believe that Arbitrum’s standardized cross-chain bridge will bring a better and more secure user experience, with reduced transaction costs and increased confirmation speeds.

Let’s dive deeper! Arbitrum allows the following:

  1. Trustless security: Security rooted in Ethereum, with any party being able to ensure correct Layer 2 results
  2. Compatibility with Ethereum: Being able to run unmodified EVM contracts and unmodified Ethereum transactions
  3. Scalability: Moving contracts’ computation and storage off of the main Ethereum chain, allowing much higher throughput
  4. Minimum cost: Designed and engineered to minimize the L1 gas footprint of the system, minimizing per-transaction cost.

Arbitrum is a scaling solution that offers the same combination of features at the lowest cost supports porting Ethereum contracts at the bytecode level without code modifications.

Bettors will be able to place the bets at our platform, now at Arbitrum network in ETH, with minimal costs associated with each and every transaction.

That’s why you head to www.ibetyou.xyz and make your bets — now in ETH!

We are looking forward to seeing how Arbitrum integration enhances the capabilities of our platform and how we grow together.

About Arbitrum:

Arbitrum is an Ethereum scaling solution developed by Offchain Labs with a suite of Ethereum scaling solutions that enable high-throughput, low-cost smart contracts while remaining trustless and secure. Arbitrum uses a technique known as transaction rollups to record batches of submitted transactions on the Ethereum main chain, and execute them on a cheap, scalable layer 2 sidechains while leveraging Ethereum to ensure correct results.

🌎 Arbitrum Website: arbitrum.io/
🌎 Offchain Website:
🎙️ Arbitrum Discord: discord.com/invite/ZpZuw7p
💬Facebook: www.facebook.com/offchainlabs
🐦Twitter: twitter.com/OffchainLabs
💼 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/offchain-labs-inc/
📚 Medium: medium.com/offchainlabs

About iBetYou:

IBY is a permissionless blockchain protocol that allows you to bet any amount of tokens with anyone on anything. It uses the basic principles of betting and kicks it up a notch with crypto wizardry. iBetYou has recently received grants from AAVE, Polygon, Moonbeam and Near protocol.

🌎 Website: ibetyou.xyz
🐦Twitter: twitter.com/ibetyouxyz
💬Facebook: facebook.com/iBetYou.xyz
📸Instagram: instagram.com/ibetyou.xyz/
📢 Telegram group: t.me/IBYXYZ
🔔 Telegram announcements: t.me/IBYAnnouncement
Telegram marketing: t.me/IBYBeyound
📚 Medium: medium.com/@ibetyouxyz



permissionless competitive gaming protocol where participants battle each other with opinions

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