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iBetYou is Teaming Up With NEAR Protocol

We are excited to share that iBetYou received a grant from NEAR Protocol! This relationship opens up endless possibilities of P2P challenges while making the experience lightning-fast, fun, secure— and truly yours!

iBetYou will be using NEAR Protocol for fast transition processing thanks to its 1-second bock cadence. Its range of modular components will help our developers implement NFTs, token contracts, faucets, and more.

Also, we will be utilizing their own consensus mechanism known as Doomslug to boost efficiency, while ensuring blocks achieve finality within seconds by having validators take turns producing blocks rather than competing directly based on their stake. We are huge supporters of NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem, and we are looking forward to implementing NEAR’s novelties on our platform.

About Near:

NEAR is a decentralized development platform designed to provide the ideal environment for dapps by overcoming some of the limitations of competing systems — such as low throughput, low speeds, and poor cross-compatibility.

It operates on top of the NEAR Protocol, a developer-friendly proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain that incorporates a number of innovations to boost scalability and reduce costs for developers and end-users. Its innovations include a unique take on sharding and a powerful new consensus mechanism known as ‘Doomslug’.

🌎 Website: near.org/
📱 Twitter: twitter.com/nearprotocol
📹 Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKdIYVN8iE3fv8alyk1aMw
📢 Telegram group: t.me/cryptonear
📚 Medium: medium.com/nearprotocol
🎙 Discord: discord.com/invite/PfpUATX
🛠️ Github: github.com/near

About iBetYou:

IBY is a permissionless blockchain protocol that allows you to bet any amount of tokens with anyone on anything. It uses the basic principles of betting and kicks it up a notch with crypto wizardry.

🌎 Website: ibetyou.xyz
📱 Twitter: twitter.com/ibetyouxyz
📢 Telegram group: t.me/IBYXYZ
🔔 Telegram announcements: t.me/IBYAnnouncement
Telegram marketing: t.me/IBYBeyound
📚 Medium: medium.com/@ibetyouxyz



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Bet any amount with anyone on anything. No limits, no rules, just your imagination.Wrap a bet into a token and enter the exciting world of Decentralized Finance