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Wildest dreams came true… on blockchain

With the web3 explosion, it is getting hard to find something that is not already blockchainified. Over the past few years, everything is put on the blockchain from board games to songs — yet it is interesting to find some of the most ridiculous blockchain use cases, and we had to share them with the IBY family!

Without further ado, here are some of the most unorthodox blockchain undertakings you probably missed:

Converting personal time into cryptocurrency ⏰


Startup founder Evan Prodromou found a clever way to organize his agenda. He created EvanCoin so that people could “buy his time”. You could buy an hour of Evan’s time for $15 and get consultancy. After two weeks, you could also sell Evan’s time for $45 an hour. What a time we live in…

Prodromou didn’t commodify all of his time, just his professional time. Luckily, his family didn’t have to buy EvanCoin to get him to the dinner table. 🤷‍♀️

Even tokens give a FUCK


You heard it right, there is a FUCK token and the reason behind its creation is utterly beautiful and a little disturbing. It is created for the ones who are suffering from ANYTHING — from girlfriend problems to “oh I have so much money I don’t know where to spend it” problems. However, the most obvious problem of all is that people “don’t give a fuck” about anything… Well, no longer. We have the solution, proudly presenting… (drum roll) the FUCK token!

It was created just for you to show that you give a fuck — your friend is in trouble? Send them a couple of FUCKs to show them that you care about them and actually give a fuck about their problems. Conscience cleaned up!

Ice Tea


The Long Island Ice Tea, a company which sells non-alcoholic beverages, changed its name into “Long Blockchain’’ and just like that its stock price jumped %289 overnight! Apparently, they didn’t even have something to do with blockchain, they just liked the industry and wanted to invest in and experiment with it. Mind blowing, right? 🤯

Decentralizing the nature


This is by far the craziest one guys, so buckle up. Apparently, a company is working on a technology that will enable you to plant a tree and put a wallet on it, with a small microcontroller. That way the tree will be connected to the blockchain, but that’s not the crazy part.

With the sensors embedded in it, the tree will be able to detect when people pass by and basically charge them cryptocurrency for the oxygen it has produced, and they have consumed. We are not sure if this is actually doable, but if it is, then please #dontoccupynature.

Will you be my digital spouse?


Same-sex marriage is still banned in most of the countries. However, the Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg have discovered a way for loved ones to be in holy matrimony, regardless of your sexual orientation, beliefs and the country you live in.

The company formed the digital platform Marriage Unblocked where you can propose, marry and exchange vows all on the blockchain. Also, the records can be kept anonymous offering security for those in potential danger. And of course, you can request a certificate to display proudly too!

It seems like life itself is being uploaded on the blockchain — in a very weird way. Of course, these examples are just a few ridiculous ways to use blockchain and it can be a good way to choose the weirdo in your social circle.

Bet on who will find the most bizarre way to use the blockchain technology, create the bet on ibetyou.xyz and make some cash out of it!

Also, if you are still bored and need some laughs, check our best crypto memes edition!

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