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Top 3 bizarre things to put money on 💰

Most crazy happenings of 2022 — according to IBY community

Everyone has their own reason for enjoying a challenge or two. Obviously the possibility of winning money will be high on the list for some, whilst others might bet on their football team’s rivals to win in the hope that it will ‘jinx’ it and stop it from happening.

Well, the more outlandish a challenge is the longer the odds on it will be, which appeals to those looking to make money 🏆 As your IBY team, we provide you this fun with the option of you choosing the best and bizarre challenge for yourself. We wanted to know what excited the community — and luckily, we now do.

So, here are the craziest happenings you would wager your crypto on this year:

Death of stock market 📈☠️

30.8% of you said that…the stock market is a failed financial experiment and DeFi has changed the investing game. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, we now can invest with less fees and get higher rates. With metaverse coming into our lives, we now are able to buy lands, create companies, invest in real-estate and everything on metaverse which means that your investment is in YOUR hands. But with the current stock market, whenever the big companies are at risk, you are at risk too. DeFi lovers who are aware of this, you chose the death of the stock market as your crazy happening.

Who knows? Maybe it will die…

USA drops USD for BTC 🎢

On the other hand, 42.3% of you on Twitter, and 39% on Telegram chose the option of USA dropping the Dollar in favor of BTC as the most likely of the four, or at least the one you’d be most inclined to put your crypto on. That probably has a lot to do with the hopes most of the crypto community have in regards to worldwide crypto adoption and the one nation whose acceptance of Bitcoin would surely spark the global mania and mass adoption. This is our hope as well, although for this to happen in 2022, a hell of a lot would have to change in Washington in a pretty short time.

Here’s hoping… 🤞

Jesus’ return ✝️

Will this happen because of the zombie apocalypse or because he got mad at us because we couldn’t cure a pandemic in three years so he’s coming to heal the faithful…Well, anyhow, 31% of the IBY Telegram community who voted — said it will! Thus, here’s the challenge for you to earn some money and heal from all of your sins.

Jesus said BRB!

We asked what bizarre thing you wanted to wager your crypto on and iBetYou community gave us the best answers. We will see what 2022 brings us ✨

Now it is your turn — Let the challenges begin!

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