After work: Treat yourself to a climate podcast or three

Credit: César Astudillo, flickr

We get it. Your eyes are tired from working on the computer, but you still want something intellectually stimulating for your commute home. Or: You just led a gazillion meetings and you want someone else to do the talking for a change. Or: You performed magic tricks at kids’ birthday parties all day and want to ease back into the adult world.

Whatever your profession, these podcasts are just what you need to unwind and learn about climate issues without lifting a finger (except to press play, obviously). Sit back and let fascinating information about climate dynamics and international negotiations wash over you — like the rising seas that’ll drive future migration in the United States.

Forecast with Michael White

Episode 70: Into the tropics with Sarah Kang

In episode 70 of Forecast, Michael White talks with Sarah Kang from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology about her work on the climate dynamics linking the tropics to the extratropics. While long known from paleoclimate records, Sarah and her colleagues have been revealing the impressively complex atmospheric and oceanic processes at play. Sarah, although a US citizen with a PhD from a US institution, is now back where she feels most at home — Korea — and navigating a metrics-focused tenure process, as the only female faculty member in her department of 21.

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America Adapts — The Climate Change Podcast with Doug Parsons

Episode 52: The Great Climate Migration: A Podcast with Dr. Matt Hauer

In this episode of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with demographer Dr. Matt Hauer from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. Doug and Matt discuss his research paper on the role of future sea level rise on future migration within the United States. Matt explains the origins of the paper and how the popular media responded to his provocative conclusions — up to 13 million coastal residents may be displaced by the end of the century.

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Climate Conversations podcast by MIT ClimateX

Season 1 Episode 13: Brokering International Climate Deals

Particularly timely as a new round of UN climate talks starts to develop an “operating manual” for the Paris Agreement: Noelle Selin, an Associate Professor in MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems and Society, shares her knowledge and insights on international environmental negotiations. We discuss complexities of reaching climate agreements, the powerful co-benefits of clean air and other environmental regulations, and the challenges of integrating perspectives from government, business and science.

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