I ❤ Climate Scientists: Wrapping Up 11 Weeks of Standing Up for Science

On Valentine’s Day of this year, we launched a 11 week I ❤ Climate Scientists campaign.

And in what seems like a blink of an eye, those 11 weeks have come and gone.

In the beginning, we wanted to celebrate the five year anniversary of the our Facebook page by engaging our long time supporters to stand up for climate scientists and their work during this hostile political time.

Every week had an action item for our community members and we quickly saw increasing number of thoughtful comments and interactions:

As we stood amongst 200,000 other supporters at the end of week 11 at the Peoples Climate March, we realized our campaign ended up being more than celebrating our Facebook community and standing up for science.

It was about being part of a movement that cannot be stopped, even in the most hostile of times. Cities and states will move forward on climate action, even without the support at the federal level; businesses will continue to pave the way for a clean energy future; many elected officials will continue to stand up for science and the climate; and our scientists will continue to bring facts and evidence into the light.

We want to thank every community member and reader for their support throughout this campaign — we couldn’t have done this without you. Although our 11 weeks of action are over, we will continue to post here in the I ❤ Climate Scientists blog, so keep checking back.

Keep standing up for science. The resistance is building.