Talk climate to me — Stay informed with these 4 podcasts

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If you’re anything like us, you get news alerts 24/7 and lately, you’ve read Pruitt’s name more times than you’ve read your own. But you probably also know that there’s much more to climate change issues than what’s on the breaking news and tweets.

Podcasts — at least the ones listed below — dive into issues much deeper than 140 characters and tell the climate story in a different way.

Check them out:

America Adapts — The Climate Change Podcast with Doug Parsons

Episode 61: California Adapts — The Storytellers

The climate of California is changing and the state is adapting, but are the actions meeting the needs? In this 3 part podcast special sponsored by the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, host Doug Parsons interviews a range of experts as they tell about the state’s five major elements of climate adaptation: fire, drought, flood, temperature, sea level rise.

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The Climate Workshop Podcast by Tim DeChristopher & Peter Bowden

Episode 8: Wisdom, Courage, and the West Roxbury Climate Trial with Karenna Gore

A conversation between Tim DeChristopher and his co-defendant Karenna Gore, immediately after the surprising verdict in the West Roxbury pipeline resistance March 27, 2018 climate trial. They discuss their experience of civil disobedience that led to the trial and the ground-breaking result of an acquittal by reason of the necessity defense. Karenna Gore is the director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary.

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Climate Conversations podcast by MIT ClimateX

Season 2 Episode 1: An Appalachian Perspective on Just Transition

A conversation with Nick Mullins, a 5th-generation coal miner turned sustainability advocate, kicks off a 13-episode season devoted to climate justice. Nick unpacks the history and intersecting forces of fossil fuel capitalism, labor, family and environmentalism playing out in coal mining communities.

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Forecast: Climate Conversations with Michael White

Episode: Michael Greenstone on environmental economics … and basketball

University of Chicago economist Michael Greenstone and host Michael White discuss how solving the global energy challenge could produce a larger increase in human well-being than a narrower focus on climate change. Greenstone talks about the present golden age of economics, in which data, computing, and experimental work are transforming the field. Michael White is Nature’s editor for climate science.

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