Me enjoying some of Granddaddy’s watermelons


Hendrix, Andrew

We are all a combination of those who have come before us. I have decided that in my biography, I will not only talk about myself, but I also see it necessary to discuss my family. Not only are our parents and grandparents those who have raised and influenced our thoughts and beliefs, but we would never be the people we are today if they made different decisions in their life. My family has done all that they could to provide me with any opportunity I have ever wanted.

Granddaddy and I

Currently, I am a college student learning about how I am going to make it on my own in life. Previously, someone else made nearly all my decisions for me. Now I am living on my own and having to create solutions to the problems that I interact with daily. I must learn in college so that one day I can support myself and hopefully future family like my family did for me. I need to learn skills about how to survive in the real world and being on your own. While I will never truly be on my own, I am learning how to be the best person I can be.

Munner (my grandmother) and I before our Easter lunch

This project for me has been more of a self-discovery than a school project. I have learned much about myself that I previously had no idea about. I have a newfound respect for my family and those who have raised me. I have realized the difficulty and hardships they have gone through with the only hope of making the life and experiences I have easier than what they had to do as children, young adults, and mature members of society. My granddaddy told me that he would rather me not join in his line of work because of his difficulty. He said that he would rather it run into the ground than have me slaving away on the farm like he had to. I believe that my ties to my family are much stronger after this project. I have learned about the upbringings of my family, and I now understand the reasons for many of the choices that were made for me regarding my raising.

I believe that there is a connection between Andrew and Hendrix. I am myself, but I am also my family. I have many traits and features that are like my family, and in many ways, I am who I have been raised by, but I am also my own person. I believe that I am currently shaping what the Hendrix name means. I feel that I should do all that I can to make not only Andrew a good person, but I think that the Hendrix name should also gain recognition for anything I do. It was, in fact, my family who made me into the person I am today.