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Just Some Housekeeping & Whatnot

Greetings, readers! There seem to be a few more of you these days, for which I say thank you, and I’m so glad you’re on board!

As a lot of you probably already know, I have started writing regularly for Iron Ladies, a collection meant to showcase the voices of Conservative women on Medium and beyond. I am really excited to be working alongside Leslie Loftis on this project, both as a writer and assistant editor. Going forward most of my opinion pieces will be published in Iron Ladies. If you are curious about the inner working of the female Conservative brain (and let’s face it — who isn’t?), give IL a follow!

However, if that is not your cup of tea and you’d rather just read stories about me and my husband being lame, musings of a nerdy mind, thoughts on writing and more, rest assured, you can still find them here.

Two other publications where I can be found:

The Must Go List — Chad Allen Zollinger and Gigg have started this great new publication. I really enjoy the nerdy vibe and the quality of writing. It is right up my alley and maybe it’s right up yours. Follow them!

Everyday Creators — Lauren Quigley just launched this publication which features writers, artists, filmmakers and more who are still in the process of paying their dues. This is a great place to discover fellow creatives and learn from their perspectives. Lauren approached me about an interview and of course I thought that was the coolest thing ever — I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed before. I think her interview with me is set for next week. Follow Everyday Creators!

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