I Do See Color
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I Do See Color

Want to combat your prejudices? Expose yourself to ‘others’

The German Shepherd question that explains my take on racism

Me and Faith (Photo credit: Gwen Y. Vaughn)

Recently, I was interviewed about dog training and being a dog walker. During the talk, there was an intriguing comment made by the interviewer about German Shepherds. I’m not sure why this question had never come up in 22 years of me being a dog owner and one…




We are not ashamed of our melanin, and we know you “see” it. Just don’t discriminate and disrespect us because of it.

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Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Check out her 3 Medium pubs: I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. (Doggone World and Homegrown are now on Substack.) Visit Shamontiel.com

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