The Insanity Of Our Sanity

Forgetting the now

Remembering a recalled future

From an omnipresent past

Imagining a dawn

From the dusk of memory

Shadows of insomnia

In the daylight of weariness

Creating ourselves

In our own absence

Leaving home

And yet being present

In the emptiness of its solitude

Working for our emancipation

Yet enslaved by our routines

Increasing our worth

And reducing our worthiness

Forgetting the meaning

And reinforcing the means

Abandoning freedom

And embracing incorporation

Counting alms

And discounting kindness

Revering the deity

Of our murdered fraternity

Deserting friendships

For the intimacy of a cause

Starving the child

To nurture the brute

Existing to conquer

And stooping to climb

Wishing to desire

And desiring to hope

Seizing our moment

From the banality of our times

Is it The madness of our sanity?

Or the sanity of our madness?