I.G. Insights: The State of Funding for Girls

I’ve been in the girls funding space longer than many but not as long as some — it was nearly a decade ago when I was given the opportunity to help design and scale a corporate programme focused on adolescent girls in urban slums.

In ten years, I’ve had the great privilege to meet incredible girls with inspiring stories of overcoming hardships and challenges I couldn’t possibly imagine to achieve amazing things. I’ve also been lucky to call some of the smartest men and women in the world, who have dedicated their lives to helping girls unlock their potential, my colleagues, clients and friends.

It is in this spirit of awe and inspiration that I.G. is proud to announce the release today of our first edition of I.G. Insights: The State of Funding for Girls. Over the past 10 months, we have research and reviewed organisations and individuals investing in girls and the NGOs that focus on them. We found four examples of what we think are inspiring practice and partnerships: Standard Chartered Bank, the Kiawah Trust, the With and For Girls Collective and Educate Girls. We also offer our recommendations for funders on how to ensure the momentum around girls does not wane, and to create effective, collaborative funding mechanisms that allow girls to reach their full potential.

We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are by the stories of these different types of funders who have all tackled the issue of funding girls in unique ways. Their experiences have not been without challenges, but they’ve come up with innovative solutions that others can learn from. Their stories are too good not to share.

Download the report here and contact us if you have any questions or feedback.