6 Signs You’re More Attractive than You Think

Feb 4 · 4 min read
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Have you ever wondered whether anyone would ever like you? Did you ever imagine anyone having an attraction towards you? Most probably you didn’t. Many of you might be thinking that no one would ever get attracted to you. Chances are, you might be wrong. You get so used to the facial features you possess that you don’t find anything special in yourself. But these same looks that you have, might be enchanting for someone who sees you for the first time.

The reason why you don’t find yourself perfect is that you look at yourself in a detailed way. When you look at yourself with too much focus, you would notice the minor flaws that you possess. But whenever a stranger looks at you, they would only notice the features which enhance your beauty. This is because you are too hard on yourself. Little do you know that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Your skin is not paper, don’t cut it

Your body is not a book, don’t judge it

Your heart is not a door, don’t lock it

Your life is not a movie, don’t end it


Below are the 6 signs which show that you are more attractive than you think:

People try to get closer to you

Do people ask you a lot of questions when they meet you for the first time? Do people want to know you more when they meet you? If yes, then it means that they are curious about you. They want to get to know you more. Do people want to talk to you more than other people in the room? Why? Because they are attracted by you! When people see something they are attracted towards, they tend to pursue them. This is the reason why people would want to get closer to you more than others.

Strangers stare at you

Have you ever noticed strangers raising their eyebrows whenever they look towards you? People subconsciously raise their eyebrows when they see something they are impressed by. Even you would raise your eyebrows when you see something catchy to your eyes. People may be doing this every time they see you and you may not be noticing it. Next time if you see someone raising their eyebrows when they look at you, remember this sign.

Note: People raising their eyebrows and staring at you doesn’t always mean that you’re pretty. They can also raise their eyebrows if you do something strange.

You don’t get a lot of compliments

People don’t give you a lot of compliments and this may be surprising to you. They won’t compliment you because they think that you are already aware of how attractive you are. They feel like they don’t need to tell you something you’re already aware of. This lack of getting compliments might lead you to think that you’re nothing special but in fact, you are.

People like talking with you

People show interest while talking to you. This is because of the first point, that they try to get closer to you. Even though your communication skills may not be perfect, people would still like to talk to you because. They believe that since your appearance is good, your personality would also be good. When people treat you politely and kindly, they see a good personality in you. They also become more compromising and helpful towards you.

People are surprised by your insecurities

People would often think that you’re joking when you tell them that there is something you don’t like about yourself. That is because they think that you’re perfect. They get surprised when you tell them about your insecurities. They feel that you’re so perfect that you don’t have anything to feel insecure about. They don’t notice the flaws that you see in yourself.

People feel nervous around you

People feel nervous around you because they think that you’re too perfect. Sometimes your attractiveness can catch them off guard which will make people feel nervous whenever they’re with you. They feel like they need to make a good first impression about themselves since you made a good impression. This pressurizes them to not show any of their flaws around you. This is why people come off as awkward and nervous around people they perceive to be too perfect and attractive.

Summing it up

The 6 signs you are more attractive than you think are as follows:

  1. People try to get closer you
  2. Strangers stare at you
  3. You don’t get a lot of compliments
  4. People like talking to you
  5. People are surprised by your insecurities
  6. People feel nervous around you

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