somebody to love

His eyes were hazel like sunlight through forest foliage and his glance was enough to make you feel soaked in gold. You didn’t have to touch to feel his warmth. He pulled you in anyways like a force of nature. He was the center of your universe. When you put your head on his chest, you longed for his heartbeat to pump your veins. You would’ve ripped your own heart out of your chest to feel his forever.

Their eyes are blue like clear water and looking into them feels like drowning in an ocean’s nothingness. It doesn’t feel the same when they lie next to you. When you turn over and close your eyes, it’s like they’re not even there. Their hand on your cheek feels rubbery and cold. There is far more distance than an arm’s length. When you hear their heartbeat it sounds quick and out of sync, like it wants to run. They look at you like they forget that you have a soul.

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