9 Terrifying Technologies That Will Shape Your Future

In the following decades, we will witness the emergence of new incredible and terrifying technologies. How scared should we really be?

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23 min readJun 14, 2020


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Since the first Industrial Revolution, mankind has been scared of future technologies. People were afraid of electricity. People were afraid of trains and cars. But it always took just one or two generations to get completely used to these innovations.

It’s true that most technologies caused harm in some ways, but the net outcome was usually good. This may be true for future technologies too, although there are serious ethical and philosophical reasons to be scared of some of them.

Some of them shouldn't really scare us. Some of them should. And some of them are already shaping our world.

Before we begin, I have to warn you: some of the things you will read in this story can be VERY controversial. I need you to approach this story with a very open mind, and acknowledge that the ideas I present here are just that, ideas.

I hold no extreme or fixed views, nor do I claim to have the exact answers to ethical and philosophical questions. You may have completely different ideas, and that’s totally fine.

1. Cryonics

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Cryonics may seem very sci-fi (to be fair, everything in this story does), but it already exists. There are companies that freeze you as soon as you die, so you can be brought back to life when technology and medicine will be advanced enough.

Seriously, companies like this (I’m NOT affiliated to them). You can buy your immortality now if you want.

Here’s a list of some celebrities that got frozen (James Bedford, Ted Williams, John Henry Williams, Dick Clair Jones, FM-2030), and some that are currently alive and want to be frozen (Seth McFarlane, Larry King, Simon Cowell, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears).

It’s unclear when and whether these people will be unfrozen. The technology to freeze people is not perfect…



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