Ta-da! my first couple crocheting projects

Old Lady Crafting

Crocheting is my new thing now, since I am 30 and single.

Chain, chain, chain, yarn over, pull through two, chain one, yarn over, chain, chain, chain… the YouTube videos of perfectly manicured middle-aged women guide me through my stitches for washcloths, scarves, and baby blankets. I have taken up the art of crocheting. My grandma would be proud of me. If I'm going to be an old-maid-cat-lady I better learn how to be one, or at least that’s the excuse I give when someone comments on my new hobby.

I’m not very good at crocheting yet. I have to do a scalloped edge on the scarves and blankets I have made so that no one notices that my edges aren't straight (so far I've completed 4 scarves and 3/4 of a blanket). I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to some things, but if it takes twice as long to do something to make it perfect I would rather deal with the skipped stitches and jagged edges so that I don't have to pull out 5 rows and redo them.

People don't even ask why I decided to pick up crocheting, unsolicited I tell them that I am aspiring for old-maid-hood so that I don’t seem like some hipster-wannabe (I feel like I am a generation too old to be considered part of that anyway). Nothing wrong with being a hipster, I just don't like to be a part of a mainstream trend; even though I was an avid reader and enjoy Young Adult Fiction, I outright refused to read the Harry Potter series or watch the movies because “everyone is doing it”… until all of the books were out. To be honest, I mostly refuse to get into a book series when everyone else is because I hate waiting for series books to be released, but as soon as I had read all the Harry Potter books I joined every other fan and was at the midnight movies wearing my Trelawney and Tonks costumes along with all the Hermoines and Harrys.

My love of fandoms like HP has grown as I have gotten older. These fandoms welcome the lonely and nerdy with open arms. It helps that a person can sit and crochet while consuming streamed seasons of a fandom series like BBC’s Sherlock or Doctor Who without ever having to leave the house to join these nerdy niche communities. No need to feel lonely as the characters fill the voids of social interaction with friends. Social gatherings with friends has turned from sitting up laughing and getting loopy from consuming grape soda and ice cream laced with chocolate liquor into babysitting a friend’s 3-4 children.

It’s so much easier to stay at home than to try and arrange something with a friend who would have to pay a babysitter, or would rather have me come babysit so they can have a moment alone with their spouse. My friends have become Rory, Amy, and Watson: they are always there when I want them to be and don't mind if I bring my newfound hobby to the party. So, I welcome old-maid-hood with Netflix and arms full of yarn crafted into rows upon rows of double, tunisian, and shell stitches.