Drink Wine with Pope Francis — #VINOWITH

Pope Francis is an active pontiff who’s been weighing in on many global issues from climate change, embracing technological transformation of the economy, and of course this past week he had the Trumps.

The popular pontiff didn’t mince facial expressions while meeting with the First Family. Needless to say, it was a visit wrought full of bias interpretation depending on which side of the aisle you may fall. There was no shortage of memes and trolling .gifs flooding the internet thanks to the visit.

If you were going to drink wine with the Pope you may think to reach for a big, showy, fancy bottle. But it’s well documented this Pope’s austere and humble character. Also, I’m not sure if the Vatican will let us chill with the pontiff for a few hours as our Bordeaux decants! As such, if we were to settle into a humble chair across from the pontiff we’d have to drink Fatty Pope — a new offering from the Italian Chef, and celebrity Fabio Viviani. Chef launched his wine offerings over the last 2 years focusing on uncomplicated quality wines. The wine is made from Paso Robles fruit; it’s big, lush, bloated (in a good way!), and blessed with flavors galore at a modest price point.

The wine is currently available at limited Whole Foods in the midwest. Until the wine makes it to your retailer, check out Chef’s Cabernet (ready to drink now, dark chocolate, fresh black currants and vanilla with caramelized oak and a rich mouthfeel; BUY for $16) or his Chardonnay (Lush and fresh with accents of golden apple and summer pear. Toasty vanilla spices compliment a long, smooth finish; BUY for $16).

Originally published at www.ilikethisgrape.com on May 28, 2017.