#VINO4: Jesse Boykins III Discusses His New Project, Favorite Foods, & First Glass of Wine (VIDEO)

“When you become sentimental about food, it’s more about a nostalgia. It’s a feeling you get when you eat…it’s like a drug.”

Cool People. 4 Questions. 1 Bottle of Wine.

Over the past eight years, soul singer Jesse Boykins III has been making his mark on the music scene with his sultry vocals, poetic songwriting, and signature sartorial style. Evoking the feeling of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye in a fresh, and at times futuristic package, Boykins creates world soulmusic to be enjoyed by music fans of all ages across the globe.

We caught up with Jesse in Los Angeles at a private residence where he was recording his new project, Bartholomew, to be released in the coming months. We chatted about the inspiration and creative process of writing and recording a new project, his favorite wine and music pairing, and his first experience drinking wine.

Press play below for #VINO4 with Jesse Boykins III, and stay tuned for our blind wine tasting, coming soon!

Originally published at www.ilikethisgrape.com

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