Is this going to be a good project?

Every project has red flags. We’ve made a parade of them.

When you’re a designer, people are always approaching you about new projects. Some phrases are a good sign, while others are red flags.

Not to mention the classic “we can pay you later” and, I have actually heard, “the check is actually in the mail”. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: It wasn’t.)

Of course, all projects have their own details. One crucial piece is how many people are involved in the project. One or two people are sometimes limited in their ability, but there can quickly be a “too many cooks in the shit show” mentality.

Assuming that everything else is in line and ducks are thoroughly in rows, there is the crucial element of trust.

Trust is a tricky thing, but when a client trusts you, you feel empowered to do not just the work that they ask for, but the work that will make the project better without chastising about not following instructions to the letter.

So how do you avoid all these pitfalls?

If I knew that, I probably wouldn’t be making as many comics.

Until next time, best of luck flying the for-hire skies.