Things people think about freelancers. 

Why so much focus on the sweatpants? 

Assumption: Freelancers are happy to work for free in order to get exposure. Response: Obscene gesture.

Assumption: You aren’t really doing anything all day, right? So you can help me move/babysit/do this one thing.
Response: No, fool, I have a mortgage.

Assumption: You’re home, so you can work in your pajamas all day—or even without pants!
Response: I could, but a shower and real outfit provide a level of dignity to my day that crusty sweatpants just don’t. Also, why do people bring this up so often?

Assumption: I’ll bet you’d love to get back to the “real world.”
Response: This is really condescending. My world is just as real as yours.

Assumption: So, there aren’t any downsides, are there?
Response: Actually, you have to live with constant existential uncertainty (but a lot of people with full-time jobs do that too), and your immune system withers unless you interact with other people on purpose every day. Such is life.

Assumption: You must not be making much money.
Response: Most freelancers, regardless of income, want to punt this question and so we’ve learned to say, “I do okay.”

Assumption: I’ll bet you save so much money on pants.
Response: Sure.