Why you need to be interesting. 

That is, if you ever want a date, a job, or a crowd at your funeral. 

Just because you’ve never done anything wrong doesn’t mean you’re doing anything right. You need a calling card, a uniqueness, a little something extra.

Doing what’s expected of you is no longer enough.

So don’t compete with everyone else. Do something they can’t or won’t or hadn’t even thought off. You don’t have to cure cancer or save the world. You do need to be unexpected.

This is how underdogs win.

There are tens of thousands of valedictorians out there. Your story needs a plot twist. You need to be a real character.

When you’re interesting, you’re in demand.

There is a process to be interesting. But it’s different for everyone, and it requires you to stop trying to be perfect as possible, and start being as human as possible.

Don’t be a cog, be a character.