Peter Shih’s post didn’t rile people up because it poked fun at San Francisco, its weather, public transportation, or general weirdness. We all do that.

The problem with “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition” wasn’t the fact that it poked fun at our city, it was that it made him look like a bigot. I can’t tell if he is and I don’t know if this was merely a misguided effort at being funny but if there’s one thing San Francisco doesn’t tolerate it’s intolerance.

I hope he gets through this. I feel that at this stage the vitriol aimed at him is a little over the top and boycotting his business will hurt people who had nothing to do with this. I think we’ve all made our point.

That being said, I came here to talk about how I feel about San Francisco not Peter Shih so let’s do that instead.

San Francisco is a spectacularly unpractical city. A tiny patch of land dotted with steep hills on the verge of sliding into the ocean. No wonder it attracts the people it does.

That’s the first thing I thought about when I drove through SF for the first time.

Streets seem to bend into each other like a scene from Inception.

It keeps you on your toes. You’re never truly more than a few blocks away from a neighborhood that’s either far worse or far better than the one you’re currently in.

San Francisco is oddly gentle. Its rough edges are softened by the whole improbability of it all. It’s photogenic, even in when at its worst.

There are mood swings. It’ll make you believe, even if for a moment, that summer has arrived only to take it away. Then again, it’ll give a glorious sunny week-end in the middle of winter. It’s unpredictable but fair.

Interesting people love it. It attracts dreamers and those who never quite felt at home anywhere else. Loving San Francisco is a point of reference when you meet someone. You know that you have that in common.

We talk about The City behind its back, and joke about its weird quirks like we would a common friend. Don’t worry, we’d say the same things if it was around, that’s just how close we are. The parking, the fog, the long lines for ice cream at 9PM. It’s why we love it and it knows it.

People here have great stories. Either from growing up in such a crazy place or simply having a life that led them to such a crazy place. There’s this magnetic pull that seems to attract a never ending stream of interesting characters.

The city knows it needs to give you a little room at times. It’s built smack in the middle of paradise. Less than hour away from some of the most diverse, beautiful scenery in the world.

Need a little Tuscan retreat? Done. Feel like spending a week-end on the Forest Moon of Endor? We’ve got you covered.

There’s nothing quite like driving back home though, over the Golden Gate Bridge preferably — it’s just something to behold.

Those who live here are spoiled and they know it — it’s one of the great cities of planet earth. It often makes very little sense and quite frankly probably shouldn’t exist at all but it makes the world a better place simply by being so fucking interesting.