It is time, to Rise.

The intention of these updates, is to be more public about what I’m working on, and why.

It is more for me than it is for you.

I have come to realize, albeit incredibly slowly, that I never stopped caring what people think of me.

That I never stopped caring what you think of me.

This means I would usually live two lives.

One, where I connect deeply to my heart and follow my own compass.

Two, where I would publicly hide from expressing myself, my ideas or the world I am inspired to create.

I have come to realize, albeit incredibly slowly, that two, is incompatible with one.

I cannot chose to follow my heart and be inauthentic in the world about where it is taking me.

Even now, as I write this, I can feel the pain and rejection of truly being open, of truly being authentic… of owning who I am.

I can feel the visceral terror of being cast from the tribe, rejected from the community of humanity.

I can see now how it is this terror, this very feeling, that has kept me small.

That has kept me hiding.

Fearful of what you would think and say if I let you see all of me.

At 34, I realize I can… no, I choose, to hide no more.

I choose to be open about what I think and the work I am going to do.

I know this will rub a lot of people the wrong way, which is the very thing I have been avoiding.

I know this will make you uncomfortable.

I also know, the cost of appeasement is a price I’m no longer willing to pay.

This is the part where I would usually say “sorry in advance for any discomfort or mistakes I make along the way”.

No. I’m not sorry. I’m sorry for not showing up sooner.

Small, I am no good to you. Small, I am no good to the world.

Small, I am no good to my Self.

It is time, to Rise.

I therefore want to take this opportunity to introduce, I M A G I N A L.

This will be the container in which I will house my work.

The work, that will change the course of civilization.

Yes, I went there — start getting use to it.

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