Never make the mistake of thinking you are not as big of a deal as you are.

All to often we make ourselves out to be a smaller “deal” than we really are then we call it humility. I think we are missing the point of humility. We should never come across as pretentious, or even arrogant but there is room at the table for confidence. The truth is that you have achieved greatness, and you are a success. It is a mistake to sell yourself as anything less.

Forced Humility is a curable syndrome

If we make “false” or “forced humility” a habit people will begin to see through it.

People desire sincerity over humility.

Tell ‘em what you’re worth.

It becomes second nature to downplay our efforts and our successes, but you can break the habit by consistently sharing the truth of your success more realistically. We all love to hear stories of triumph, victory and success, so why water yours down with lacklustre descriptions of what it is that you do. Sure there may always be someone out there that can do it better, faster, cheaper — but you’re the one in the room.

Just Say Thank You.

So, the next time someone compliments you, simply reply— Thank You. Don’t go all default and say something like “oh its nothing” or “it’s no big deal”. The truth is, it is something. Something pretty big.

You’re kind of a big deal.

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“People desire sincerity over humility.” — Javier Mendoza

Community Manager for @iConnectGlobal & @WVIW Ministries Father of one beautiful daughter, husband to one amazing wife.