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The Foolish Manifesto

Calling all Idealists

The Foolish Manifesto

Calling all Idealists

Idealists are always considered foolish. Idealism is supposed to be reserved for young men who haven't seen the real world yet. While idealists see the world in black and white, the pragmatic realists know about the fifty shades of gray in between the black and the white. The psychedelic mystics see all the colors of the rainbow but even they are not considered as foolish as the idealists.

Such criticism slowly turns all idealists into some form of hypocrites. It’s inevitable to give in to peer pressure when they call it “growing up”. “Grow up, be practical, learn to compromise”; such are the admonitions received by the idealist on a daily basis.

But they forget that all change made in the world was once seen as impossible and it was because of a few idealists that things ever managed to get better. Idealists aim high and set the society to achieve something better than mediocrity. If everyone in the society was a realist, nobody would ever try to achieve anything more than what they already had and society would stagnate and decompose.

It’s because of idealistic fools that humanity has continued to push its limits and grow and evolve. It was an idealist caveman who thought he could master fire. The first humans who decided to leave Africa were led by an idealist. Every inventor, scientist, artist, political revolutionary and activist in the history of the world was an idealist. For it is impossible to think about new and unimagined things without being an idealist. All children are idealists. It is no coincidence that they belong to the most creative, inspired and happy demographic of all.

Idealists are people whose hearts are as strong as their brains. They haven't given full control to their brain and often struggle with the fight between the heart and the brain. Idealists are like children and open to everything. They are people who have a good balance between their yin and yang. The feminine and romantic heart is forever fighting the masculine and classic brain. They can understand the operation of an internal combustion engine and see how classically beautiful it is but they also hate how much pollution it creates and see its romantic vulgarity.

I am writing this manifesto because I am a 29 year old idealistic fool and I am proud of it. For the last few years, I too have faced all the pressures of a society which has tried to force me to “grow up” and “be practical”. I won't deny that I have at times found it a tempting choice. Many times in the recent past I've all but given up. But no more!

Today I willfully choose to be an idealistic fool and stay one for the rest of my life.

I choose to stay hungry and foolish.

I choose to never grow up. The world is full of grown up men and we've all seen how that’s turned out. I want to see a world full of children.

I choose to suffer the continuous battle between my heart and my brain. I will not grow up and let my brain make me practical and safe. I will not become a hippie and let my heart take over either. I will rather let them both be strong and fight each other. I will suffer to strike a rare, dynamic and unstable balance for as long as I can, between my heart and my brain.

I choose to never work just for the sake of earning money. I choose to remove the word “work” and replace it with “life”. I don’t work, I live. Exploring spirituality, freelance writing, blog writing, novel writing, making music, staying fit, making art, philosophizing; are all my life and nothing is work.

I choose to believe in an idealistic future for the world. I will not settle for a mediocre world where most of it suffers even if I'm better off than the majority. I want to see a world where everyone is happy, no one is hungry, where there is little violence, where women are treated equally, where children are taught not how to make a living but how to make a life, a world where the normal reaction towards others is of love and not of suspicion, hate and jealousy. I know this utopia may never be reached but that doesn't stop me from aiming towards it, because I’m a fool and I consciously choose to be one.

I choose to never marry just for the sake of getting married and procreating. Reproduction is not my purpose, evolution is. I will marry when I find someone I care about enough to suffer their ups and downs and highs and lows, someone I can care about even if they are irritating the hell out of me. I will marry only if this someone also cares about me as much to tolerate me. I will not have children if I don't think I can educate them in a wise manner. I don't care about carrying on the family name. Humanity is my family and there are enough children to carry on its name.

I choose to forever be an idealist and never compromise on my ideals even if it earns me the mockery of the world.

And I implore anyone who is reading this manifesto to do the same. If any of this strikes with you, if your heart says, “this guy is right”, if you can see how much better the world will be with more idealists, then I beg you to listen to your heart on this one and choose to become a fool for life.

Even if that means making your brain angry, even if that means that the world will laugh at you, even if that means a risky path leading into an unknown future, become an idealist and stop being a hypocrite.

It won't be easy. And that’s why I know it’s the right path. Evolution requires suffering. It never follows the easiest path, that’s entropy not evolution. Suffering can be endured with discipline. Discipline comes from love towards oneself and the desire to nurture one’s spiritual growth.

Love yourself. Be an idealistic fool. You deserve it.

You deserve a life that is open, risky, stimulating, rewarding and full of love. You don't deserve a safe life where you see all the things that are wrong but continue to do nothing about it because of the laziness of being a hypocrite. Don’t be the guy who complains about how many things are wrong with the world and then goes about his business, never trying to change anything. Don’t be the guy who says, “That’s just how the world works” because the world works the way you want it to work.

Be foolish and take risks and the world will reward you for it. For the love of God, for the love of life, for the love of yourself, wake up!

Be foolish. Be an idealist. Change the world. Change yourself.