Robots were once deployed to evangelize the message on the roads of France.

A Conspiracy & Lost Religion

Spending a career online, don't follow conspiracy theories much and view them with skepticism. As the media follows the money from Weisel's bank accounts though, a vast one is unfolding.

In 1999, he devised a plan to take control of USA Cycling, the sports governing body that picks Olympic teams and hands down doping sanctions, Weisel’s biography says. By 2001, when Armstrong was midway through his Tour de France winning streak, Weisel controlled not just cycling’s strongest team, but the sport’s U.S. regulator.

So is this an evil plot ran by the Sith Lord Weisel? No, just a win-at-all costs strategy with a genetically gifted, and soon to ascend athlete at the center of it. Might as well dope, was the belief, in order to win. Weisel told the USPS team doctor once, “Doping is the fairly obvious answer” and in a WSJ interview also said, “Handle the problem below the surface and keep the image of the sport clean.”

While Lance's interview plays on Oprah tonight, we're attending the Book of Mormon Musical. A show about how people who believe in something are happier and better off, no matter how dubious or ridiculous their beliefs.

Well-timed for a night when our collective belief in Lance is finally lost.

Just replace the bibles in the hands of the missionaries with yellow wristbands.

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