A Glossary of Words and Phrases the Huffington Post Needs to Ban from its Twitter Feed

From a Guy Who Reads Way Too Many of its Tweets

Will (when used as a modal auxiliary verb)
How many (sorry, I mean HOW MANY)
Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian
State (when in noun form) - Just say the state
Another state - Just say the state
Major state - Just say the state
Major city - Just say the city
Country (when preceded by “this”) - Just say the country
Star (when preceded by a title) - Just. Say. The. Star. (exception: space news)
Mayor - without including the city or town name
Thinks/Thinking - when you don’t know what a person actually thinks/is thinking
“Good news for…” - Just say what the good news is
“Bad news for…” - Just say what the bad news is
“Magazine cover” - Just say the title of the magazine
Reveals - Just reveal whatever revelation needs revealing
“GOP Senator” - Just say who the senator is…especially when you have 100 characters or so available
“You’ll never believe” - Oh yeah? Try me.
This. This. This. This. This.
Kim Kardashian

What do you think? Have any pet peeves I didn’t include on here?