I love(d) Medium

I love Medium, or I should say I used to love Medium, at the beginning. I mean, I loved Medium when it had not yet been flooded with pointless, redundant pieces written by people with a more-than-medium-sized ego and just too much time to spare.

Let’s take this dreary post of mine, for example: it has a very nice title indeed! It says that I used to love Medium, but somehow I’m not sure if I love Medium anymore. Regrettably, I went to the bother of writing a 175 words piece only to remark this futile opinion. The 64k Bitcoins question is: who would give a fuck?

Apparently, a lot of people here on Medium. And I find it pretty sad, because I thought I loved Medium — I want to love Medium — it’s just that I don’t love redundancy. Why should I write 175 words to say something I could say with one line?

I loved Medium, but it didn’t last too long. Repetita iuvant, but now we are doing it wrong.