Regarding Gumpaste and Gumbrushes

The dental industry needs to rebrand and make everything gum focused rather than tooth focused. Yes, having good teeth is important, but having healthy gums is equally or more important. We grow up being told to brush our teeth twice a day with our toothbrushes and our toothpaste. This sends the wrong signal and ingrains this tooth-centric attitude in us from a very young age. As we get older, we learn that it’s really all about the gums. Receding gums and gum disease are the issues that result in painful surgeries and other bad stuff.

Highlight this sentence if you think the dental industry should change their lingo and start calling toothbrushes “gumbrushes” and toothpaste “gumpaste” and that we should be telling our kids to “brush their gums.”

Highlight this sentence if you think I’m cuckoo.

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