Set Your Education Free

Education was never intended to reside solely inside of a classroom. Yet it’s common to find a person who believes that is so.

To them I say, don’t hold knowledge hostage inside of textbooks and homework assignments. Let it thrive outside of the red, brick schoolhouse buildings. Allow your mind to explore. Apply your knowledge. And most importantly, set your education free.

This is the philosophy I live by.

I crave knowledge. I seek out opportunities to learn and consume as much knowledge as I can. Yet the one place society has set aside as a place to learn - school - doesn’t suit me.

Why not? It’s probably the one-size-fits all lecture, large classes of many students, and impending toll of the bell signifying to all my classmates that it’s okay to jolt out of their seats and make a mad scramble for the door. But above all, what irritates me the most about my classes is that all the work we do doesn’t benefit anyone except ourselves. I want to do work that will contribute to society, benefit my peers, and be of interest to others.

I want to do work that people will care about.

When I was in elementary school, I never excelled as much as everyone else. I felt like I was behind the curve. My school pegged me as a “satisfactory” student.

Yet, outside of school, I began to pick up more and more skills. I read a lot of books, learned how to use technology well, and even got really good at rollerblading. When I was 11, I learned a few HTML tags and played around with MS Paint. Those were the beginnings of some of the most worthwhile things I have ever done. They led me to things I’m passionate about.

Over the years, I’ve allowed my education to thrive outside of the traditional school setting. I set it free.

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