Startups! Job portals are not for you.

Rethinking hiring platforms for creatives

You want your next hire to brainstorm ideas, create incredible designs, give attention to detail, be flexible and communicative, have solid architectural experience and coffee lover (nah.. are you kidding me). Do you think a job description which involves a combination of the phrases above is what motivates anyone to join your start-up?

Post a job?

Most of the portals leave you with “Job Description” and “How to apply” paragraph inputs. But would you describe your product in that space? Would you write about your team in there? Would just the job description motivate him to make an attempt to contact you?

How should a job posting look?

I’ll take you through a few points which are important to generate good response for your job posting.

What drives people to join your start-up?

Every start-up has its own ‘hook’, this is mostly to do with why you are doing it. What is it that you are doing, that has hooked you to spend a major part of your life on it? Try to enthuse the hire with that hook.

Product/Company Description

Company Description

Writing one line about your product is as good as writing nothing. Imagine a call where your applicant tells “Are you **** a mobile B2B startup, founded by successful Tech Entrepreneurs?” I’m sure you now know that, how important a description of product/company is.

Product descriptions will try to motivate the applicant towards making a choice to be a part of solving the problem.

Assuming you are solving a real problem, and its a big enough problem. If your hire doesn't understand the problem you are solving or doesn't believe in your solution then its of no use having such guys. Spend a decent amount of time writing what is the product about, and why you are pursuing it.

Team Description and Three Things You Can Learn From Each One of them

Smart people wanting to join your three/hundred person start-up is because of the person you are. Start up is a learning experience and make your hire know what all is he going to learn from your team. Include a small bio of each person in your team while writing a hiring notice and write down three things that the applicant will learn from each person in your team. For a bigger team size you can choose to write about the team he is going to work with.


I’ll not spend time on mentioning anything about this, since all postings seem to mention the role. But a detailed role of what you want your applicant to work on would give him a great head start and not “UI ninjas and rockstar coders”. If the role is for a developer then mentioning that “as soon as you join you would be looked forward to integrate backend and frontend” will give the applicant an idea of how seriously you are looking towards hiring a developer.

Compensation and Growth should be mentioned!

Not deliberately mentioning compensation

Do not hesitate to mention the compensation you are willing to give. Lets face it that when building a start-up you do not want to face hick-ups with awkward silences when it comes to negotiating a price.Its just to avoid unnecessary conversation when you can have a thought provoking one instead.

If you are not able to decide a no. then it would work best if you can give the applicant a range. An intimation of how his growth will affect the compensation would also be an encouraging factor.


Being a funded start-up has its own advantages and being bootstrapped is even good too. I am not going to debate on whether you need to be funded or bootstrapped or anything. Whatever you are its good for you to mention it. Knowing that your start-up is funded/bootstrapped gives applicants a trust. Its a matter of trust in the product which is closely related to whats the state of your start-up. I’m sure once you are making a call to a potential employee you will mention that “we are a start up funded by *******” or “we are totally bootstrapped”. But why don’t you make an attempt to mention it in the hiring posting.


Its best if you could upload photos of your workplace. Most of the times your hires are workaholics and love start-ups. If you have a great workplace or even a garage, why not upload a photo of your team working in your office?

Location is something you mention for sure. But wouldn't you agree agree that just mentioning “London” or “Bangalore” is not enough. Applicant’s want to know where is it in “London” or “Bangalore.” Proximity and surroundings are a real deciding factor when it comes to making a choice of workplace.

Would it not be easy if there were these options in a job posting site which would educate anyone to write a good description.

I am Imran Parvez, a digital Product Designer. I observe human patterns and real life activities and build platforms that engage them in the easiest way possible.

P.S: I have used pixeljobs and jobs.hasgeek for illustration purposes. Its not meant to be against them or the one’s who have created the posting. They are an amazing service and you should use them. It is merely for the purpose of explaining the article that I’ve used them.