Stop writing meaningful things on Facebook

We are about to lose ton of amzing contents

Everyday when I roll down my Facebook Timeline I proudly find lots of good texts written there by friends. These are texts about politics, the last game of the season, the world cup, even some good translations are there. Many friends translates articles into Portuguese so they can share it with their non-English speakers friends. I find it an incredible noble way to contribute to other people’s lives.

There’s nothing wrong on writing things, translating articles and even sharing them on Facebook. It’s really OK. The problem shows up when the only source of the text becomes the Facebook.

Facebook is a Social Network, a web application that connects your friends worldwide and share things with them. But just like Facebook there was many other similar services. Orkut, which was huge in Brazil, Friendster and MySpace are just few mainstream examples. It’s accurately to say that within 2 years we are moving to a newer social network or something with similar purposes.

All that content you've created, you those meaningful tips you've posted,everything: Those things will be no longer seen. I can remember thousands good texts I wrote in Orkut Communities, how many good content is resting there untouched right now. The obvious argument is that you can always go there and get what you want, but you don’t. There are mountains of meaningless data that you will have to overcome to find what you want, so you’ll never go back there.

And I don’t even mention how hard is it to find something you posted on your timeline.

Create a simple blog.

There are tons of different engines that makes you create it the way you want. It’s not hard, and in a couple minutes you can have your own place on the internet.

You don’t need to promote it or make it your new personal project. But it’s the perfect place to put content you've created. It’s there and it’s really easy to organize in labels, #hashtags and folders. It’s YOUR place so you can go back there and find something you wrote a longtime ago, and also important, easy to share.

After that, you can just copy and past the whole text into your timeline or just share it through the link. Do both if you want.

Doing this you have a bigger chance to preserve a good content from being lost and a good archive to your things, so you can go there anytime you want to share that good old article.

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