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By Tmaurizia via Wikimedia Commons

Teaching a Product to Talk

Thoughts on Product Marketing and Context.

Beth Comstock, GE’s chief marketing officer, explained in an April interview with Forbes, “GE is a Technology company, but technology alone doesn’t tell the full story… So, for us it’s been a big push to be technology-led as well as market-led. Marketing makes us more ambidextrous in terms of innovation by connecting the technology to needs, and to trends in the marketplace and make us more tethered to the market. We define marketing as a combination of value and innovation, and that means that we had to look at marketers as innovators.”

“..Go to China, to talk to the hospital organizations to who say, we’re all about world health. We need an ultrasound to that we can, if not fit in our pocket, put in a briefcase. We can’t have one that’s the size of an air conditioner to go to some of the remote locations.”



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Meghan Keaney Anderson

CMO for http://wanderlustgroup.com. Formerly @HubSpot | @TheGrowthShow . Interested in tech, social impact and just about any action movie from the 90s.