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The Bar Paradox

Making the first move

The chicken or the egg? Some say chicken, some say egg, some say, weird hybrid proto-chicken that happened to lay an egg. Almost every weekend my friends and I face a far more serious which-came-first dilemma when we choose which bar we want to visit for the night. It is a product of our desire to be fashionably late (or at least not the first ones at the establishment) and the time it takes to gather everyone together and make a decision.

The Bar Paradox states that “All fun bars are crowded, but not all crowded bars are fun.”

Want to go somewhere fun? Leave early and enter a pub that has potential to be fun, but is not as fun as you remember it because it is two hours earlier and you are two drinks behind where you were last time you stopped by. Want to go somewhere crowded? Wait in line, get spilled on, and spend less time there (or buy bottle service, which is never advisable).

Even hipsters have hangouts. Counterculturists who avoid places that are considered “cool” by the masses have go-to spots that gain a following, and then it’s on to the next one. The cycle continues.

This circular issue lead me to the question, “What other extremely important chicken-or-egg issues exist in the world?”

“All fun bars are crowded, but not all crowded bars are fun”

The Bar Paradox: Expanded

  • Wearing an undershirt to prevent stains and sweating, but causes more perspiration because you’re wearing an extra layer
  • Top songs on music players remain the top songs because new fans of the artists stick to what’s popular, which makes songs more popular
  • Urban myths are perpetuated because they are “true”, and are repeated
  • Any argument for the creation of God (or a chicken)
  • Other situations can be found at the Catch-22 Wikipedia page