Top 10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted

Every parent thinks their kid is smart, but what are the best indicators? 

George Baily
Sep 24, 2013 · 2 min read

It’s important for you to know for sure if your preschooler is gifted, so you can take early proactive steps to help him/her deal with the inevitable social exclusion and ennui ahead.

Here are 10 signs of giftedness you might be overlooking…

  1. The child plays right the way through to the start of the 4th of the Goldberg Variations before you realize he is only using his left hand;
  2. He finishes poetry anthologies before his peers, and his sentences contain better pentameter;
  3. Can have difficulty keeping his hands off technology: he steals and roots your friends’ phones, as well as compulsively flashing his own firmware;
  4. At bedtime, he won’t stop reciting the digits of pi, claiming he hasn’t finished yet;
  5. Has a vivid imagination: for example, claims history textbooks are culturally biased and frets about unseen agencies with backdoor encryption cracking, spying on his data;
  6. Tends to behave in a hyperactive way after Tuscan or Fujianese cuisine;
  7. Other children don’t understand his sense of humour, and struggle to free themselves from the locked suitcases and intricate knotwork;
  8. Your child may often score low on traditional IQ tests, deliberately, because he has run a cost benefit analysis on the various expensive education scenarios he knows you are planning and the anticipated return on investment is statistically uncertain;
  9. His interests in clothing are sci-fi uniforms, fin-de-siecle fop, and Cuban rebel, but only in his bedroom. Outside he always wears wellington boots and a fez;
  10. You often find him sitting chin in hand in front of a chess board without any moves made, chuckling quietly to himself.

Of course, these are subtle signals which might mean nothing in isolation… but taken together in any combination, they might indicate your child could benefit from more patronization and additional acronyms.

To find other resources for parents of gifted children, visit the website of the National Association for Gifted Children.

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