We could make history

Let me enter the URL of something I write in my own space, and have it appear here as a first class citizen. Indistinguishable to readers from something written here.

And of course vice versa. Let me take this piece, published here, and turn it into a URL that returns the source code for the document. No formatting. Just text with a little structure and metadata.

We need to break out of the model where all these systems are monolithic and standalone. There’s art in each individual system, but there’s a much greater art in the union of all the systems we create.

We fucked up in the first go-around. But now we can do it right.

I have a great publishing environment. It’s very different from the one you’re creating, but there is common ground.

This thing I’m typing right now, a blogpost, exists in my world too.

Why don’t we agree on how to format one of these things, let’s create interop in a very simple and powerful way.

It just takes two to make something like this happen.