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What do you do when a cat sticks its tail in your coffee?

What is your lens today?

What do you do when a cat sticks its tail in your coffee like a paintbrush?

  1. Pause in shock. The world stands still while you verify reality and process this event.
  2. Gently scold cat.
  3. Pretend it is Luwak coffee and drink it anyway.
  4. All of the above.

I am using my multiple-choice lens today. Employing this lens lets me see all of life as a multiple-choice test, with a variety of options in every situation.

What do you do when your wife mails you that her flight will be delayed four hours?

  1. Reply, “No problem xo” and pick her up at the new time.
  2. Free turn.
  3. Free turn.
  4. Free turn.

(Some multiple-choice problems are easier than others.)

Like any other method of viewing life, you can fit anything to the multiple-choice method.

What do you do when your 16-year old daughter proposes meeting for dinner before you head home?

  1. Meet her for dinner.
  2. Learn how tasty ginger spritzers are.
  3. Text your other, older daughter to come have dinner, and have fun talking with them; and when older daughter asks younger daughter how she likes older daughter’s nice new reindeer-pattern blouse and she says “Chekhov’s reindeer!” you LOL because that’s what you said too, due to recently binge-watching Hannibal with younger daughter. Then rush home to feed cats.
  4. All of the above.

Like any other lens, this is limited and limits you. But we have to look at life somehow. We need something to give things focus. Without some lens, or prism, or kaleidoscope we would be overwhelmed by the interestingness of life and we would be all,

“Oh my god! Double rainbow!”

all the time. What I am calling a lens turns down the firehose so we can drink. It transforms the voltage so we don’t get shocked when we turn on the lights.

So what do we do with lenses?

  1. Just don’t confuse them with the world. The map of Disneyland is not Disneyland.
  2. Try out a few different ones and see what works best for you. You have that right, and that power.
  3. I’m stating the obvious again, aren’t I?
  4. Free turn.



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