Who killed the futurist in you? 

Do I dare disturb the universe? 

Once in a while you need to sit alone with your favorite single-malt and think “What will the world look like in 50 years?”

What I’m worried about the Techcrunch reading me is, somehow we all are programmed to think short-term, too short term; 5-8 years. 

Are we under estimating the evolution? Can we boost the natural evolution to the speed of socio-economic evolution? Do we really care about the next revolution?

Are we capable of changing the world to a better planet to live? (We are. Let’s rephrase the question then:) Do we have the motivation to make the world suck less?

Why are we doing everything in silos, thinking in silos? How can we make everything inter-connected? How can we inspire connected-thinking? How can we make the humanity less ignorant? 

50 years from now, will an artist like JMW Turner draw a painting like ‘rain, steam & speed’? What will he draw? Are we starting enough? 

We are here to find meaning. We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary. We humans want to believe in our own species. And we want people, companies and products in our lives that make it easier to do so. That is human nature. Product benefit shouldn't excite us. Belief in humanity and human potential must. 
The market for something to believe in is infinite.

Who killed the futurist in you? School or you? 

 The most interesting technical problems of the next decade won’t be solved in areas of knowledge that can be self-taught, and most technical knowledge remains locked up in traditional academia. 

What are you doing about it?

We are either too smart or too dumb to find god and tell him problems of our world - which puts everything in perspective; we are alone (and together) in creating the world we dreamed of. 

 You see, we all are dreamers. But then, every morning, we wake up blind.