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Why do people hate CrossFit?

Not dislike. Not ignore. Hate.

Kevin Lavelle
Sep 24, 2013 · 10 min read

A majority of CrossFitters are average men and women looking to improve their health and participate in a positive community. So why the hate?

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Visual = Visceral

The Jersey Shore Effect

It’s too intense. People get Rhabdo.

CrossFit is about pushing yourself. Apparently fitness to many of its critics is about moderate output and limiting strain of any kind?

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CrossFit is elitist

It’s too expensive

Entrenched interests are fighting back

CrossFitters are too intense

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CrossFit HQ isn’t very nice

Personal responsibility is taboo

In the end, people are people. Rational thought escapes some and others just need something to be angry about or fight with. If you’re one of those, settle in, because CrossFit isn’t backing down or going away.

The CrossFit Big D Community.

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