Simpsons ep. 192 “Das bus”

Why Everyone has to Act Like Christopher Columbus

One of the questions I get the most at conferences during Q&As —

Oh by the way, sidenote: All conferences should just be Q&A. There is enough content out there about the speakers all over YouTube at this point, so let’s actually bring value, which is the engagement. But that’s another story for another Medium.

—anyway, one of the most often asked questions is “How do you know what to do on these new platforms?” Stuff like:

How do you know what to do on Vine?
How do you know how to make animated .GIFs on Tumblr?
How do you know what to pin on Pinterest?

Very, very, very common question. And the answer is, you have to act like Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus and his crew rolled up on the Americas, and eventually some poor dude had to eat that one purple berry that they’d never seen before, and either that dude died, or he thought it was delicious and was a hero for finding a new source of food.

Many more people need to take that jump. The only way to figure out these new platforms is to do it. Yesterday I spent a long time doing a Q&A on Twitter. I’ve done that many times before, but this time I added a new twist: I answered using Vine. Because the only way I’m going to figure out how to use Vine, is by actually using Vine.

Christopher Columbus. Do it!

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